Everything we do is driven by our believe and compromise with our corporate values. Promises we all take very seriously from the beginning of the process, right at the crops to the final product, where you can see and taste the quality on every branch of herbs.


Our farm is run by passionate people, with a deep bond with nature and its surroundings, guided by professionals in the agricultural field, who have been pioneers in the organic production process over the last 5 years, perfecting the balance between industrialized crops and the environment protection.

With the strongest belief that the organic way is not just healthier for everyone, its the future of food suppliers around the world, putting our legacy of love for nature and responsibility first and overall activities, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the terrain in which those activities are performed for future generations.


Our team at Vallarta Organics understand the logistics needed to deal with both exportation and importation process, we are prepared to offer you the proper support in order to secure and guarantee all of your payloads.

We work with a large variety of brokers and airlines, all of them BASC certified, arriving at main airports in Miami and Los Angeles, from were we dispatch to the rest of the states.

We work hard every day to maintaining high standards of food safety, improving and perfecting all our operations, adapting to the market challenges, bringing you the best and freshest herbs.


From our Miami headquarters, we distribute product to all east coast states, and we are prepared to distribute product to all west coast states arriving at Los Angeles airport, always maintaining a strict food cool chain, preserving the tasty properties of herbs.


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